Yeast Radio 1040 Live from Kabul with Bicycle Mark

Special show in which Madge Weinstein talks to Bicyclemark shortly after his arrival in Kabul to do special work related to the Afghan elections. First impressions are often the most interesting….


4 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1040 Live from Kabul with Bicycle Mark”

  1. A+++ Grum w/BKM!!! Much allure w/ the imbeded Kabul interview. Luvd the stories of first impression. history, security ect. Very good interview w/ Good Banter and Inturdresting Topic. BiCycle Mark sounds like a seasoned inturdviewee 2 me IMO !

  2. I do believe that Mark is an so amazing thinking mind and I enjoy his take, angles and ideas about the situation in Afghanistan.

    However, at certain times he goes on complex comparison rants that makes him sound a bit jolty almost.
    Don’t get me wrong, I can relate to his approach and enjoy it much, but sometimes it feels as he goes off on a little confounding (yet energetic) tangents.

    Anyhow, great audio-program!

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