8 thoughts on “YR1023 Curb Your Beneficence”

  1. As always, a delicious and disgusting pile of filth.

    “He bashed my head against the goddamn radiator” made me lawl — nice to see Cheryl give a throwback to Precious Taft.

  2. A+ for Curb Your Incontinence!

    B) Where is Hagatha? We’ve not seen hide nor hair of her in ages.

    3) Please call Sylvia.

  3. That “Curb your hairy pigs feet” or whatever it’s called- disgusting yet wonderful steeeuuuuooorry from the crispy cockroach again.
    What is the official spelling of WEEEEIIIUUUEEEEWWW please. I can’t stop fucking saying it either but don’t know how to spell it. Anyway -that that X infinity too. Madge you’re a legend. OH

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