YR1018 You don’t even want to know what it took me to get here here.


14 thoughts on “YR1018 You don’t even want to know what it took me to get here here.”

  1. that “no way let’s go get one guys” girl has the most muted, annoying voice ever and god damn she must be fat.

    also she’s a god damn idiot cause any good fatty should know you can get that for $1 at the burger king

  2. Id like the defend that gentleman in the grum who was in japan. actually I cant defend him… how could he do a doodiecast without the doodie. mostly it was just a toilet review.

  3. Just came across this, FYI Madge.

    RT @alevit: Need a freelance videographer in the Chicago area. Know anyone?
    9:07 PM Jun 10th via web

  4. Another highly entertaining show, thank you. I am praying to Mother Asthma and requesting that she place a rehydrating coCOON of healing around Cheryls puckered epidermis. Also Madge, will you be posting your recent couple of shows soon? I don’t get to hear/see them live as I finnah be in the UKaids asleep in my dorm room at that time.

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