YR1011 Zoya Fuchs is Alive and Well and Living in Cheryl

The Russians attack this week’s grumm. Guests include, Ragan Fox, John Pee, BradlAIDS, and SYLVIA BROWN-BROWNED-BROWNE. Also a lesbian reporting on lesbian fisting at the Michigan Wombman’s mucus festival.


8 thoughts on “YR1011 Zoya Fuchs is Alive and Well and Living in Cheryl”

  1. Enjoyed getting my comment on the last show erased! Scandalous.
    Crease it! Crease it! Okkaaaay.
    Only five billion more of these feather pens to make. I think some reporting in the field on the phhooeeeuuune with Cheryl makes for a nice prolyps & epilogue to some hardcore cycling cycling.

  2. pics and vid of Zoya Cheroil plz.

    PS. Cheryl’s older sister, Sylvia, has changed my life; she’s become a way of life.

  3. Love the cycles, even more than before. That Sylvia Browne is like craque. The auto tuned Cheryl is also so amazing, makes me want to axe someone to pass me my purse.

  4. Dear Madge,
    I did a load of CV exercise without necessary abrasion avoiding support, now the tip of my lyps is bloody. It hurts & stings when I John pee. Whatshydo?

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