YR1010 Is That Heavy?

More Sylvia cycles, True dooty, hilar deaf person India calls, and THE SCOBLELIZER. Much more but I couldn’t get through it. lyps.


18 thoughts on “YR1010 Is That Heavy?”

  1. Rilch!! Lawl, the delivery guy tourette’s outburst was too much. A+++ I can’t believe I made it through that much Brown-Browne. Is that heavy?

  2. I just realized yeast radio blots out the noise of the matrix and keeps me sane.

    Yeast is all the health care I need!


  3. I first herd you back when you were on the Sirius raedio.
    You and Cheryl are making awesome show grams. Would it be legal to play the show on independent radio stations? Because i think that should happen.

    The last two shows smelled 8 times better than two dead babies. Get your shit back on siruis! Late night out q or something.

    Cheryl going bat shit mad needs to happen more. and more. Keep calling people and tell her to talk.


    1. I so totally agree ! This grum should be on Sirius cause 1) its uncenswhored and 2 content just from a national call in audience would be A++++, Madge n Cheryl would be popular . I think they should be on Howard 101 IMO not outQ ect , Madge and Cheryl easily could make a great grum…Greenstein get on this. Madge YR w/ Cheryl, and DV With TImmy Boo are great grums that would succeed on Sirius/XM but w/ corporate bullshit ect fuck glad 2 see them independent just making good radio. Cheryl Merkowski should call into the Stern Grum , she would be a wackpacker easily…Howard would pick up Cheryls Calls.

  4. “I don’t know what’s in it, I just need it”
    Sylvia BrowneBrownBrowne’s voice sounds like a rusty chainsaw in a cauldron of hot gravy, alrraaaaaaaight! Morelike a bowel movement when it’s sleeeooowwed down. Hope Cheryl got her denim backpack pack pack pack back.

  5. How we just finding out bout Sylvia Brown now ? She been round awhile, we all suck at researchN if she just coming up now. Her voice so smokay. I do remember her now from some grums back in the day , but wasnt into Cheryl then..but OMG the way u cycle her is Yeastradio gold. Gotta do a prank call with her voice !!!!!!!!!!

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