22 thoughts on “YR991 A Revolting Turning Point in Podcasting”

  1. It’s a miracle that Hagwhore learned how to use a computer!

    PS. Where do you find these people, like Patrick, Madgery?

  2. My god god, double tourettes now now, repeating every other last word turd. You can’t do that, no means no no. Alraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaight
    Hokaaaaay Cycle cycle cycle. DVD.

  3. I left my number at lucky bitch radio and invited wanda to call me if she would like “informed, provacative and funny exchanges”…Hope thats all right:she probably wont call.I want to get a computer so I can have my own little show.

      1. Wanda will sure love your racist remarks, Whoreaids; you two will get along like birds of feather, mmmmmHmmmm.

        Congrats on getting your very own computer; but I’m afraid that Pakistani at the internet cafe will miss his weekly blow jobs in the bathroom you’ve been giving him 🙁

        1. I said I want to get a computer,I dont have one yet.Still no call from wanda:Im not holding my breath.You all make it seem that Im being uppidy(Can a white person be uppidy?) for wanting to entertain any way I can. I love the idea of amusing people on the web.Ive left myself open to all sorts of flack talking about my neurosis,but its worth it if I can make one person laugh.LAWL!

  4. Who said anything about leaving you all alone? Iknow cheryle you would like nothing more.I plan to be noticably absent for fridays live grum.I dont want to be a pest.The informed part I mentioned to wanda is an effort to hopefully have more to say than the above.Im current on all the news of the day and have my own insights that I can share.Im typecast at yeast-dont get me wrong I love ridiculous,asinine,stories but Im more than that,much more.

    1. Love that photo! When I was home for xmas I was at wal mart and I saw this 60 year old lady with dry brown skin like “Cheryle” but she had a tube top on.I need to get with the 21 century and get a camera phone.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hagatha, next time you’re on the show can you explain the appeal of glory holes to me? I don’t get how anonymous sex with a dick through a hole is fun. I’m not judging, I just don’t see the appeal.

  6. Its a very complicated issue.Gloryholes started as a way to have sex in public restrooms without getting caught.But sex clubs use them so that kind of reason gives way to others.such as the fact that you dont have to feel rejected if the person in the booth next to you doesnt stick it through…also some really cute cute Bicurious guys use them and they feel their little secret is safe.You get to suck the dick of a guy you could never get without that particular arrangement.Some guys have looked through at me and made the no way hand signal but most just ram it on in.If you time it right you can turn around real fast and back up on their cock before they even know what hit them.Most figure”in for a penny, in for a pound “and keep on fucking you.there are other reasons but Im out of room.the HAG

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