yeast radio pork chop lesbian glbt whore

YR987 Pork Chop

Today’s show is old school and mostly about a pork chop.

yeast radio pork chop lesbian glbt whore


9 thoughts on “YR987 Pork Chop”

  1. This was a really good solo ‘grumm, jewtentacles! Of course they’re all good, right, right. Thought it was the right mix of yammering and calm. Thanks fadge weinbloat! 😉

  2. The real Edith Bunker referenced @ like 1:20 ” as dead “… Yeah she died off camera of a stroke on the 1st season of Archie Bunkers Place (the new grum after All In The Family series concluded). She didnt like the new grum, thus dun wrote her out. But the actress who played her Jean Stapleton is still alive at 86.

  3. pork & butter…yum

    what a fucken cunt…to complain about living in an unsustainable highrise miracle mile housing situation then turn around and criticize the homeless people who choose to live in a single room occupency and probably buy their own george foreman at goodwill instead of begging poor lonely listeners who live on government checks

    secondhand welfare queen

  4. Now _this_ is the sort of ‘grum I wish there was more of.
    Short, punchy, 100% Madge. The kind of thing that podcasters used to make before people felt they had to make a big song and dance with production, editing, guests, etc.
    A wee slice of life.

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