16 thoughts on “YR965 Loaf”

  1. Who’s this Gerald? Will Cheraids real Identity be revealed? I remember she had another character named Blubbercunt or something, can’t waids.

  2. I’d like to hear the Puffieblubbercunnie for a change! Cheryle indeed sounds like a druggie sometimes – erratic, repetitive, like she’s stuck in a time loop (of 25 years being beautiful)

  3. LISTEN madge. Why did you splik the grum? The reason I axe is I am afraid turd listen. While I don’t remember all that much from teh grum as a result of my state of exhaustion and sleeping aids, i do remember that John P saved the grum when he came on.

    What a whore.

  4. Just a correction Madge, the guy crying for Rio de Janeiro was President Lula, president of Brazil, not Uribe, who is the president of Colombia.

    And for Shrokbella, he was crying because these olympics represent the first time Sourh America has been given a chance to hold something do prestigious. The amount of economic good this will bring to Rio and Brazil as a whole is huge. Brazil has cone a long way in the last decade and this is just kind of like a metaphoric cherry on top of it all.

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