YR946 Panty Raid on Roid48

Cheryl, Hathaturdaidshiv and I talk about WALTURD CRONKRITES! It’s a very political pogrom. Oh, today’s show is very inturdlectual. Eat it out! Cheryl calls the Depends factory and gets fartboxed.

Cheryl Merkowski and Her Birth Fetus as watch over by Madge Weinstein


45 thoughts on “YR946 Panty Raid on Roid48”

  1. Hagatha isn’t interesting anymore and sounds insanely desperate for attention. Mommy kills best was the biggest waste of 11 mins in my entire life and I’ve done some really stupid shit with my time.

    Cheryl, epic job on that call. Almost pissed myself naids.

    Madge get fucked and feel free to actually have something funny to talk about next time…for fucks sake.

  2. Hagatha is simply the greatest thing to happen to Yeast Radio since Cheryl. More Hagatha please. More Hagatha voicemails. More stories from Hagatha’s childhood. More Hagatha sexcapades. Just more Hagatha.

  3. Jacob-It made my week,no my month to know that you wasted 11 minutes of your life.I am desperate in so many ways- you arent telling me anything new. I relish my need for attention, any comedian does, it is what makes us good, as rebbeccas post shows.As long as 51 percent of you all have good things to say, Im happy. Thats not per show but overall, we all have days when we are boring, and I concur this was not my best week. Im always worried about taking away from CHERYL- I have quite the complex about her. But screw it from here on out Im going to do my best to upstage that bitch- and am going to be as gross and morally corrupt, as I truly am-Im quite happy being a disgusting, pathetic waste of space- it is my calling, so please dont think jacob that your feeble little opinion matters to me- you only validate my aim to repel all, and in my total shamelessness prove worthy!

    1. Hagatha,

      You are a trained circus monkey, nothing more. I’ll admit your antics do create a sense of amusement and play to any loyal fan of the show, but your ego is truly unmatched. You are a self deprecating, hircismus, coccydynia, bescumbered, moronic waste of space, suffering from micropallus syndrome of the both the anatomy and psyche. Your stories serve only to shock and if they are as true as you allege than you need to be locked away and thrown into a dungeon never to see the light of humanity again. You disgust Hitler and make the devil ashamed of you. The Grand Canyon has less depressions than your face. You deserve an Oscar for the epic role you play in convincing anyone to touch you let alone thoughtfully choose to have sex with your sad excuse for a body. Oh I’m sorry you are probably close to being out of time at the internet cafe so I’ll let you resume blowing fat old rich guys to pay for your countless addictions. By the way I hear Walmart is selling spackle for $5.99 a bucket…maybe you can fill all those holes in your face.

      1. Since I changed my meds my face has returned-Mostly. I am getting it filled to the max next month.So even though your comments hurt me now,they have a shelf life of say,29 days. Besides I am 47 yrs old so I no longer spend hours and hours kissing the mirror as I did in my youth- Im down to twenty minutes daily-Tops.I will always have my Beautiful jade green eyes-exact replicas of Vivian Leigh (Scarlett O’hairlip) My so called best friend who I outed is not the saint you might think. He was constantly undermining my sobriety by offering me Crystal,was constantly tearing me down but since we had such a long history I kept going back.Just because I told of it, I was not bragging about it,I was at the bottom of my drinking that horrible day. When I burn a bridge I BURN it,I needed him out of my life and took a terrible way to do it, yet even then he was still calling me offering me crystal

  4. I just read my comment above, and I must say- I could not have said it better myself… If Im blessed to be on the show again I have some BAD KARMA stories where I let my dark side get the best of me. Mostly I am a nice person- Ive had too much tragedy in my life not to be-but occasionally I pull a stunt so ridiculous it begs to be shared for comedic value alone.It pays to be shameless.

  5. Hagatha upstaging Cheryl? Never.

    Maybe you can outdisgust her, but upstage – no no. Cheryl offers insane stories that you know can never be true – this is where the humor lies. Hagatha, on the other hand tells stories of drinking piss, eating poo and drunkard vomit which seem just too plausible to be funny. That said, the stories obviously entertain and this is why you feed us more and more of your depravity.

    It appears to tickle Cheryl’s prolapse to stand in judgment of Hagatha and Madge is more than willing to fuel the flames.

    So HagwhorethurdaidsHIVfacialwastingkslesionsHIVaids you may entertain some and fully disgust others but I think you still have a place in the Yeast Radio universe. Now back to public toiletKs!!

  6. I know I used it but is vitriol even a word? The fact that it has been used alone more than once makes me think it was a stupid thing for me to write, and you all are poking a little fun at me. It does tickle me to see it. the reason I posted it more than once was because I didnt know that comments take a while to post. I guess this shows the power of repetition.(hereI paused for a good 5 minutes trying to think of a cute catchphrase to repeat alot,and drew a total blank) Maybe Im not as clever as I thought I was. Look about Cheryle, I know shes talented, Madge wouldnt have her on otherwise,her humor is based on fiction and so she can go anywhere and be safe.Jesus I can MAKE up stuff, but I like to think my life as it stands is funny.who knows? Ill take the above advice and conjure up something that doesnt hit so close to home. “I was conceived through a gloryhole for there was no room for them at the Inn.

  7. I cant believe you deigned to actually communicate with me madge,pick up your damned phone or Ill spill the beans that once( at your work no less ) I performed oral sex on you til you came…and your cum tasted like mothballs.

    1. You wanna know the thing that disturbs me most about this (and there are many, many things that disturb me about this post):

      Madge had a job?

      That’s some seriously fucked up shit.

  8. Hagatha if you were going to chug a tall warm glass of my piss, what would you prefer I drank before hand? Can you pick out flavors as you swish the urine around in your mouth? Which ones are your favorites?!

    1. When I fantasize about piss, Im drinking it all down but in reality when Ive got the glass in my hand -I take a small sip. I do like the way it is still warm. And even though Im alone in the stall, I put a little behind each ear for comic effect- Purely to amuse myself. Likewise, I have only tasted shit, never eaten a whole turd. I have never had anyone vomit on me although it did occur on Jerry springer, Though they cut away during the actual puking-it was GREEN. the audiance went completly bananas.One of my favorite tv moments ever.Im no saint though, just this week I was at my cruisy john and had a special moment with some cum. I guess I should be ashamed of myself but Im not. Special note to kenny she was played by the guy listed in the credits…I forget his name.Madge likes me-and thats the only opinion that really counts, Cheryle seems to hate me though I dont know why. I could have a computer, but Id abuse it, and there are some Cute Iraqis at my internet cafe.IM sewing myself a burka to fool them into some hot alley sex. Im a little to tall to pass, so Im practicing walking with my kness bent. I love the interaction on this yeast site, even the ones who seem to hate this thing called Hagatha-If it gives them an outlet for their pain then Ive done a public service, I really am learning not to take it personally.I actually enjoy it on a sick level.who says RIGHT WING HATEMONGERS have a monopoly on spewing bile, it lives right here at yeast radio!

  9. hagathurdaids if that is what your anus looked like in 2001 I shudder to think of how it is now

    when you attempt to actually be funny, you always fail. case in point “I was conceived through a gloryhole for there was no room for them at the Inn.” the only use anyone has for you is hearing how disgusting you are in real life and mocking you for being pathetic, and even that is getting old.

  10. You sure showed your former best friend, HagturdAIDS, when you drunkenly revealed his HIV status to his mother! What a great way to use the one thing that you yourself are sensitive about/ashamed (HIV status), and lord it over on another. That’ll show him, the next time he’ll have to think twice before he says something bad about you! (and sadly, there’s so much yet to be said)

  11. I just wrote a long comment explaining what lead up to me calling my friends mother but this warning came up when I tried to post it. Basically he was always calling me to do crystal with him amoung a long list of ways he sought to tear me down as a person. I regret it happened, and the only reason I brought it up was we were talking about people who are so cruel to actually make fun of someone with that condition. I have no room for hate in my life, when I have written addressing hateful attacks on me, I have never gone below the belt as some of you do.I feel sorry for you and Ill sincerly say a prayer for you that you shed the hatred. You dont know me, have never seen my art, read my poetry, heard me play chopin,or been one of my many friends who like the basic me- not the shock shlock I tend to trot out. I asked madge if I could write about our liason and she said go for it.I dont blow my patron, I give him a reason to live at age 89.I have a condo and an inheritance from him and a weekly allowance. Im a special lady and all the abuse you heap on me slides right down my back. I am receiving facial filling , so that taunt doesnt work-SORRY

    1. you know what’s cruel? molesting kids you’re supposed to take care of, wandering around watching 8 year olds take a shit and having unprotected sex when you know you’re HIV+. you know what’s cruel? living off government aid, and off the backs of your friends, when you’re clearly well enough to work.

      the worst part about it is that all these things that seem like such hateful, cruel attacks are just people repeating information that you volunteered about yourself in your narcissistic and borderline personality disorder quest to feel special and admired.

      the only thing special thing you’ve shown anyone so far, is that you reach levels of failure most of us can only dream of. you are an aidsfaced ana nicole smith, and hopefully you meet the same fate she did very soon, because that’s really the only way I ever see you’ll stop hurting all the people you come in contact with.

  12. How does it feel to be you? I dont believe I could even Fathom it. I wasnt put here to win your approval. I dont spred hiv. ORAL sex in a toliet does not put anyone at risk, and as you fail to acknowlege, people know the risks. Ive had three live in boyfriends since i became positive. we had oral sex, and butt sex with condoms and they have all tested negitive. I leave people as I have found them.I repeat I do use condoms you hateful bitch so get over it…I deserve my disability checks You dont know what its like to spend literally years unable to get out of bed. I am better of late. Yous just JEALOUS I have someone who finds me special enough to take care of you sick fuck. YES Im mad, HAPPY. I am appalled that there is such a totally toxic judgemental asshole like you giving ME shit WHEN ALL I DID WAS TRY TO AMUSE PEOPLE

  13. I love how most of the commenks here are not about the show we did, which was real good, save the hagwhorethurd, and are instead abook that thing. Just thought I’d poink out the obvious.

  14. “E as in ecstacy”…

    Freakin’ hilarious call, Rills! And nothing makes me laugh more than when you can hear Madge barely keeping control.

  15. I love that Cheryl was able to get away with spelling out her name the way she did multiple times with the customer rep. You could tell she wanted to laugh (as Madge did in the background), but she kept it together. Very professional-like. That’s a gold star for her.

  16. I must admit the above was from me…. [email protected]@@signs were placed to form a middle finger, but alas when it actually posted it came out as you see.Thats too bad because: A) I dont have a life
    B) I really dont mean to turn this comment section in to my daily blog-I just cant help myself
    C) I asked Madge if I was writing to much, and she said that she didnt give a fuck What I did I:I was going to can the pontificating and make art out of the letters-But now I see it wont work- Perhaps this is all to the best.Less to come-Promise

  17. Hagatha you have a LOT to learn about the internets. Any attention is good attention. Yes we are completely disgusted by you and think you will rot in hell for eternity, but getting your feelings hurt means WE WIN. It doesn’t matter that in real life I could kick the shit out of you, what matters if that you dont let what we say bother you.

    I am flattered by the name…Jerkob…that made me laugh out loud.

    Now go conjure up something else completely vile that I can hate you some more for please. kthanksbai

  18. One of the great things about borderline personality dis-odor is that even though you wear your heart on your sleeve and bad press rocks your world, the good that sometimes rolls by is tantamount to a crack high- believe me I know all about rocks.For example when I saw one of my hagatha videos had 10000 viewing on you tube I had such a feeling of pure chewing satisifaction I almost cried. I so wish you were here to kick my ass. I so need it-but only if you promise to sit on my face and fart before you go… At my cruisy John this week there was this cute guy who was jacking off but he wouldt put it through the hole, he came on the floor and left. Feeling cheated I went over and ate it offa the floor and fingered my hole with it. another chap crapped and I whispered dont flush it.he said fuck you ,laughed flushed it. I need to figure a way to disable that potty–Sick enuf 4 ya.

  19. I just threw up blood. Thanks fagathaids…goddamit.

    But you won’t get the best of me.

    I’m 29, 6’3″ 215 (9% BF), and good looking. How about them apples naids?

  20. I wrote a poem about apples once, something to the effect that wind fall apples fall too close to the tree and dont get the a chance to grow being in the shade and all, sad…Somewhat like us gays- the only offspring we are gonna have is a couple of sperm covered shitballs. also like our love Jerkob- Never meant to be… that is unless you come to the northside of chicago. I dont know if your Gay straight or(I hope) Gay for Pay.Actually Id RATHER it remain in the realm of fantasy…The things you do to me in my mind are far more filthy than anything I could persuade you to do.You will though have my undying love,and we’ll always have Paris.

  21. Madge funiest show yet, well done, since youve been off serious you may have lost money but the show has gained more penash more style. well the days of me beeing an idiot have passed but as i see i have a perfekt protege, whos a LOT dumber, lot mader, has a lot less life, and is even less funny and a lot more anoying than i was with what 14 or 15, but hes added to very important things beeing a stalker and beeing a cunt. no wait… what ever

    madge the show still is the bom!

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