YR943 More on HagathurdAIDS

Gross sex addict mess

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  1. Lawls. You all know that by commenking negatively, you will cause HagathurdAIDS to torment Madge, incorrectly understand your criticisms, and continue to share her hateful, racyst, and disgusting tales of pedo-bug infection. I do not judge, I only tell teh truth. HagathurdAIDS is a fucking mess. ROLEKAAYYY!!

    1. “HagathurdAIDS”

      Doesn’t Hagatha actually have AIDS? Like, in reality?

      Maybe calling her that goes a bit beyond harmless humor, esp when added to your comments “fucking mess, pedo” etc.

  2. Sorry but the shows lately are getting way too repetitive and formulaic – its all shit shit shitting, weird passive aggressive racism against blacks and now bringing Hagatha on over and over again seemingly only to make yourself feel superior by continuously telling her how fucked up she is (just like Andy and Rachel before hand, all ganging up). I like that once in while but its getting fucking boring in every show, do an emo show with Rachel or a political show or something and then do another racist/scat show and then a call-in/phoney phone calls one. Shake things up cause right now its zzzzzzzzzzz

    Loved the long voicemails from Hagatha though, A++ moment

    1. Right. S’all fecal poopy & shit, and passive aggressive racism.

      Considering that I was the one that begged madge do the last number of grums…. I suppose it would be better to have no grums in your mind and thus I will not bother her anymore to do them. On secunt thought, GFx10. Christ you marys are demanding and retarded. Ain’t no one ever happy.

      If you don’t like it, then don’t listen whore. How long will it take people to learn this? As Lady Raptastic has so wisely said, “Suck it, unsubscribe!”

    2. Don’t get your knickers all bunch up, Matt. At least Hagatha knows which sex she prefers. I’ve had it with you art kids that pretend everything boring (ala Rachel Kann and stupid voice mails) is interesting so you can feel superior with your boring shit.

        1. Matt I agree with your comments.

          @ Enword – I’m no ‘art kid’ and I like listening to shows that are light hearted and full of lyups. I believe Matt has made some valid points which to me are pretty obvious.

          Really liked the show though, despite having the urge to add to Cheryl’s respiratory problems by crushing her esophagus while yet again she tried to do her best to undermine a selected individual ad nauseam. I dunno, maybe if she has some crazy past life regression therapy she might find that she was once an insecure underweight white middle class (possibly bespectacled) disempowered slightly bitchy and predictable young gay man who had lost his way? Maybe then the healing can begin?

          1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You didn’t like that my orgasms were “undermining” hagwhoreturdaids? Oh, I am so sorry. So very sorry. Get fucked whore.


  3. 1) You need to get a QUOTES section for your site. You have so many great quotes throughout the AGES, and you should have one.

    2) Hagatha’s not even ironic about being racist, she just plain is racist. And a murderer, and blight to our community. That thing ought to be tarred and feathered.

  4. cheryl’s growing on hagatha like a kaposi sarcoma

    2) Hagatha’s not even ironic about being racist, she just plain is racist. And a murderer, and blight to our community. That thing ought to be tarred and feathered.

    1. also hagatha was done like two years ago when you did those videos with it where she talked about the glory holes, pls put that thing out of its misery so it can’t molest any more children and spread disease

  5. Such vitriol. I have to collect my thoughts about all this. Im feeling rather conflicted,which is a very uncomfortable state to be in and one Im not used to. more soon.

  6. Such Vitriol! Im so retarded(I dont own a computer-BY CHOICE) I dont know how to post a comment and Madge is very characteristically Not picking up.

  7. God NOW I know how to post a comment! All those times I was saying Such vitriol over and over I thought I was Doing Something WRONG. Now I realize that they dont post right away SO—. I dont have NAIDS, I have hiv and my numbers are good.It does put me off the cheryle uses it as the ace up her sleeve any time she wants to zing me.I do practice safer sex, and have never put any one at serious risk. the stories are true but they are the worst ones of my life and I dont have any more quite that bad, what you heard was not a cross section, but the exception to the rule, and they happened 15 years ago. I do enjoy my sexscapades-in fact Im going out tonight.I do use Condoms. SORRY to rob you of your self rightous rage. I realize the rage a lot of you feel is the sobering reality that you dont quite have the goods, and you sense that you will NEVER have the full honest life some of us were born to live. Put that in your Salvia pipe and choke on it. much love to the rest of you, you know who you are. Lady H.

    1. “have never put any one at serious risk”

      Nice rationalism.

      You only giving people mild cases of HIV then?

    2. I love that you employ the “you’re just jealous” defense favored by many a tabloid talk show guest.

      15+ years of bacchanalia and what do you have to show for it? Oh, yeah, the HIV, I forgot. You know, some of us realized–even before we get as old as you–that life is about things more important, like accomplishment and scholarship, not about butt-fucking diseased strangers (even with condoms) in public places.

      But I’m just jealous that I don’t “have to goods”, I’m sure.

  8. Madge:

    Can you please provide an update on Hagatha? Is she doing OK? I derive much humor and disgust from her, but I also know that she is a real person and not a character.


  9. excellent grum – you need to get Hagathaids and that disgusting caller who wanted the HIV on the telephone together… mmmmmmm

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