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  1. I hope that what Andy is doing is a choice that he’s made after consideration for his future, a future I hope leads out of his rut and not an easy way out of avoiding guilt for failure and avoiding changing his habits. I know that it would be the harder path, it’s so much easier to continue the self-destructive habits than to face them. If the criticism isn’t helping deal with his life then maybe it’s better to avoid the show, but he definately shouldn’t abandon his friends. It doesn’t seem like he has family to support him in his personal life, so his best bets are the people online and connections he makes through the connection.

    Lois is a good story teller.
    Cheryl… props, you’re awesome.

    Good grum.

          1. the good news is, i don’t think any of us feel abandoned…we all just want andy to be ok. which is why i doubt it will be awkward if/when he comes back. because as usual with this crew, everyone will just say what they feel and think, and get on with it. besides..awkward = great radio!

  2. An Open Letter To Andy and Madge

    Dear Madge –

    What can I say – your amazing. Your brilliant, in your 60’s, talented, and of course have many years of experience from which to draw your opinions and conclusions. You are traveled, well versed and Jewish. Once more, your a LESBIAN. You know that Andy is young. His world consists of a 1000 foot house in bum fuck Tennessee. For a gay boy who admitted to never had experiences, dated, is completely overweight and has issues, this is equal to a death sentence. And-aides has many issues. He struggles with identity (he has been known during his own podcasts to take on other podcasters personas) and questions his being. All perfectly normal. I have noticed over the last few weeks that Andy is the subject of fat jokes. Yes how can you not…I mean the boy does nothing but eat on your podcast, hardly brings up a topic other than cooking and food, and shows little interest in other things. However, as I am sure your Jewess Lesbian mind knows, Andy wants to be brilliant. He wants to be accepted – but not as the fat guy.

    Andy –

    Honey your fat. You know it. Own it, and work it. Madge has been very nice to you and has said many times on her podcast that she is truly worried about you. There are many people, including Madge, that would like to see you walk out that door and into a new life. There are also many people that would like to hear more about what you feel and what you experience. There are many experiences and feelings you must have – but you never share them. You spend most of your podcasting not speaking. Honey your last podcast was 75% dead air…think about that. The only thing we ever hear from you – and I am not sure if you realize this – is that your consuming, preparing, or storing food stuffs. Of course Madge is going to draw attention to your weight..what else can she draw attention to? If you went on a serious weight watchers diet and talked about how you hated it and how terrible it was that would be great podcasting. If you talked about your father, your home, trying to write an admission paper to college or even what field to talk, how your going to finance it, that would be great podcasting – and if interest to all. Don’t feel your the only one that does not have his life together. I mean really, look at Rachael! Seriously, look at her..she expresses herself and her feelings in many ways. You should as well.
    I strongly think you should look around at the number of people willing to help you and take the help. There will be plenty of time to beat up on Madge…she is a filthy whore after all. For now, keep relationships and friends that are willing to help you reach some goals. AND ANDY, you have to do some work honey…you need to diet – stop drinking that shit sweet tea like your some Southern Bell in Fried Green Tomatoes. Get off your ass and walk three miles a day – you wont die. Go to your doctor and check it out. Then, start making some headway into getting into school. I think its a bad thing to choose a career now. Get into a general program first.

    Madge, get Fucked!


      1. I think Dan’s comments were right on the mark. He said one thing I was already thinking, which is that there’s no rush to decide on a career program first, just take general courses. You may well meet a teacher or study a subject that will inspire you. And also, I think you are a self-starter. You help people with their web sites, you do a podcast. You can do anything.

    1. Dan said nothing that hasn’t been said a babillion times before on this show. Just because it didn’t come from the lyps of an attractive and intelligent lesbian, it’s suddenly “inspiring”? Whatevs. The fat is that Andaids will be back as soon as the limelight that is currently on him starts to fade. There are certain shades of limelight that can simply ruin a girls complexion. Hopefully he will bring news that he has actually done something to better his own life. Otherwise, let’s move on.

  3. Madge should start a new show called Madge after dark and charge $10 a month for one extra show a month. I would easily pay for that….aint nothing wrong with paying for entertainment baby….makes it privates and charge more for a daily. Sell your old shows…you would be surprised who would buy them.

    Work it, show it, turn it out….

    1. Dan is correct about selling the old shows.

      Divide them up into Volumes: I, II, III, etc. Have each volume chronicle a year of shows. Have some of your artist friends design and donate a cover for each one. Or have your listeners design and submit the covers. Have a contest. Make the dvds limited editions and sell them.

      You have enough loyal listeners who would purchase all of them.

      1. You know, I’m really getting sick of people giving me suggestions of how to make money which involve me doing *MORE* work. I am not going to do anything other than make my shows and do the minimal amount of work required to post them on the blog and feed.

        I am unemployed. My remaining time is spent hustling to try to find work and working on small contracting jobs.

        I do the shows. That’s enough. You people need to donate as a group to pay for them. This system is egalitarian. I ain’t doin’ no more work just so you cuntsumers can have something to hold in your hand for your precious $29.95.

        If I don’t get enough money from you freeloaders, then you ain’t gettin’ shows. Deal with it. I won’t.

        1. Cheryl has all kept all the episodes/videos and I have some too.

          Maybe some kind person (not me, I’m a lazy cunt) can do the CDs/DVDs for you and all you have to do is lay back and reap in the cash.

  4. Rachel’s lowest common denominator message to her students is really great. It coincides with Obama’s message to the young people of America that if you don’t finish high school and you don’t go to college you’re quitting on your country.

      1. Now all Chazzy does is walk around the house saying “shut the fuck up mommy!”. HOW. Does this computer have a v-chip like the tv?! HOW! *flicks hair*

  5. Please set up a pay pal subscription so it can just take my money every month. Cos I really won’t be fucked to manually donate money every so often. I will forget about it. Setting up a paypal subscription would be a very easy to solution to set up for all your lazy listeners.

  6. But Honey Madge, I will send you MORE funds, but Im not sure others will which may mean you might loose a creative outlet for your lesbian juices. I never heard the old shows except once when you re-played one and I loved it..I would buy them.

    You should email me and just tell me what kind of job your looking for…you never know who knows who….

      1. radio ….dont have connections honey sorry. TV, film, yes….modeling…yes, production, directing, yes…but radio is its own animal. DId you try WOR radio in NYC?

  7. Re to Rachy saying the talk radio firings in LA….One of which Adam Carolla….immediately went to podcasting and said on his show he had 200,000 downloads in his first day. Probaly remnants from his fan base , but still thats impressive and interesting in turd pudcasting worldz.

      1. Naids, I be lookingz for the Whiskers , aintz seen the thang lately…you seen little miss smokay ??? Finnah Check 2moreO downtown for the mess.

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