YR908 Kitchen Cleanin’ and Poopin’ Sheets

Live kitchen cleaning in Madge’s apartment with special guest John Pee. Also a precious story entitled,  “The Impotent Scatter.”

sheet panty pooping

11 thoughts on “YR908 Kitchen Cleanin’ and Poopin’ Sheets”

  1. As I heard the story of the impotent scatter it occured to me I think I might know who he was talking about. When I was working as a DJ in Boystown, I do recall a very hot very tall guy who was always a total mess. He’d come stumbling into the bar and I’m not sure how he kept getting served (maybe because he was so hot) but he’d take it all the way to the end and barely be able to move. I heard from others that he had a giant cock that he could never get up and that he was a regular self-shitter when passed out cold from drinking. Such stories left an impression I could never forget.

  2. Good story ‘naids. I am so glad that someone is finally helping you clean that shithole of an apurtMINK.
    Dooty stripe sheet did not disappoint. I was, however, taken aidsback by all of the background noise. WHAT THE FUCK were you doing? Throwing all your pots, pans, and silverware away into a trash bag? Christ mary.

  3. Good contrast between the gay voice and the lesbian voice. The apartment photos look really nice, your place can actually look pretty chic. I’m anxious for the next segment.

  4. John Pee was hilarious.

    This also helped me figure out another difference between straight men and gay men that we can celebrate: Gay men can multitask better than straight men. John was cleaning AND was telling a story AND was teaching Madge and the audience how to clean houses all at the same time. A straight guy would have had to stop working while his buddies picked up his share of the load.

    More John Pee helping Madge in future shows.

  5. Magde, your apartment looks meth-addict clean! John Pee is a godsend.

    I’d never take a drunk home no matter how hot or big his dick was. Dootie striped sheets and puke is not sexy.
    Although, Cheryl would of probably just
    lit a cigarette to mask the shit smell and

    Good progrum!

  6. HELLO FRIENDS! I would like to say, after three solid days of cleaning, Madge’s palace is almost spotless!

    I’ve never found so many used tampons stuck behind things in my life. Luckily the smell of vagina and urine is starting to disapate.

    Once it’s done, I hope to convince Madge to turn it into a wayward home for preganant lesbian teens. But, I’ll need your help convincing the old lesbian!

    Go out in the name of clean sheets and spread love!

    Love, John Pee

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