YR902 A Meeting of the Mines

Cheryl AND Aunturd Vera on the same pogrom for the first time! LIsten as YOUR AUNTIE kisses Cheryl’s ass by not calling her a dried fig even once.

urethra hat for madge

14 thoughts on “YR902 A Meeting of the Mines”

  1. Cheryl – enjoy the pain pills. I myself had an ovary removed a few years ago, it is so much fun. Radiation can do wonders for your figure, and get rid of those annoying pubes for a while.
    About the CT scans – there are two types of stuff to drink, one is white and like drinking chalk – this will make you constipated. the other is more like juice and will give you the shits. I just love when they tell you to that you will feel like you are pissing yourself.
    Will you be freezing your eggs before further treatments?

    1. Dunnnoe if i have to get more treatminks, but if I do, i will freez my eggs so i can continue aborting naids.

      I guess i had teh juice kind. Tit cleared my insides out.

      Plz to email me miss liswoods ktnx.

  2. Vera kissing Cheryl’s lapse was positively disgusting. I kept waiting for Cheryl to give her the verbal smackdown she deserves but it never came. Such a beautiful 25 year young woman stumbling through life in a haze of cigarette smoke and drugs is a tragic thing for you to exploit Madge. Cheryl, honaye, you take care of yourself, your lapse, your wound and your remaining ovary.

    1. Thanks you, I think, ‘naids.

      If you havne’t noticed, it is HORD for may to be real mean to people that are real nice turd may. If u pay attention, i did say aids few thangs turd whore. BROWKAYYYYYYYY.

      EAT ME OUT.

    2. I agree with the Retard, it was too much…Vera was really kissing poor little Cheryl’s ass…hard to listen to it…I would have enjoyed a cat fight.

  3. I had a wonderful time and it was a true pleasure to finally get to talk to Cheryl. She is even more charming in person.

    Thanks Madge for the opportunity and get better Cheryl, we all love you.

    Prolly kisses,

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