YR899 Eat Some Yeast with Post-menstRachel and Rilch

The post-menstrual only rings twice. 
Red Velvet Menses cake


Menstrual Blood Drinking

22 thoughts on “YR899 Eat Some Yeast with Post-menstRachel and Rilch”

  1. Today’s ADD moment brought to you by Pfizer.


    Madge: She takes her pile of clothes and she puts them right next to me, in that sacred space, between me and the wall, that I thought was completely safe. So she’s two mats away so I didn’t have to sit next to the thing but she still attacked me, and really I would say assaulted me, with her dirty lesbian clothes… What do you think about that?

    Repechel: um … ever since you asked if I said the “N” word I’ve been thinking about whether we should discuss the inauguration.

    ** And then **

    Repechel: No, please… all my life I have like not gotten my own attention… I just want someone to pay attention to just me for five minutes.

    UGH. I will not repeat DSM.

    1. xavier…the good part is that i bring you countless hours of thought provocation and hands-on practical analysis.

      maybe you owe me some gratitude?

      since you are a licensed professional therapist, hopefully this experience will teach you about how the more you accuse someone of something, the more they act out in said fashion, since that is what is believed about said someone anyway.

      self-fulfilling prophet.

      hey, at least you’re a prophet!

      keep looking for signs of my add, at this point, i am like bryan adams…when it comes to add, everything i do, i do it for you.

        1. ugh! you don’t get it, because you actually think i am retarded! but the point is, i am at my core, one who desires to give xavier pleasure! and i know how much you receive from my shenanigans! like bryan adams says, “it cuts like a knife, but it feels so right”


    1. thanks, edith.

      i am ok, i just had a little PMS – madge, having had the change ‘o life so long ago that it was before the advent of the acronym, thought, inexplicably that it was POST menstrual syndrome, but it’s actually PRE menstrual syndrome.

      but i still haven’t started my freakin’ pee-rod. ugh.

      i am ok…i was just feeling like, FUCK. but all is well.

      if you send me money, you get a book!

  2. You tired, spineless queens hating on Rachey need to get a fucking grip. If you tragic cunts are SO much more stable, interesting and entertaining as you say, do a fucking show and let us all judge YOU.

    1. ps Madge, all the Buffy talk reminded me, download True Blood now. Its a HBO vampire show with lots of sweaty sex and heaps of male and female nudity for your research.

      1. pps I got fired because of the recession so there’s no money coming in for me and none to donate to you, all I have is my endless nagging for shows in the comments section.

        1. oh no! you got fired? oh matty. so sorry. you guys have a recession even in australia? can you call chris lilley and just ask him to hire you? or just hurry up and be a rockstar? and if you figure out how to accomplish any of those things will you clue me in?

  3. The best Eat Yeast evah! Love the Rapechel! she makes good sense.
    Oh Madge, I too suffer from anxiety,
    but mine comes in the morning and
    goes away somewhat in the late afternoon. I think we’re constantly
    bombarded by the voices of society,
    parents, etc. A friend gave me a copy of The Secret and I thought it was too
    presto change-o easy for reality.

    Good topic!

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