YR852 Til I Prolapse

Now today’s show is one I am very proud of.

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  1. I disagree with your statement that the rich will suffer. In a downturn or recession or depression (whatever you call it), it’s the average bloated lesbian who gets hurt. The poor get hit the worst. You can certainly get poorer; there’s poor in America and there’s poor in Africa or India. Your glee at the collapse of the economy is disturbing, to say the least, given that the culprits won’t get hit the hardest. The middle class and poor will bear the brunt of the pain.

  2. I disagree with your comment that the rich will suffer. In a downturn, a recession, a depression (whatever you call it) it’s the middle class, and more so, the poor who suffer the most (loss of jobs, decrease in hours worked, loss of what little savings they have). And you can too get poorer. There’s poor in America and then there’s poor in Africa or India. Your glee at the unfolding crisis was, to say the least, disturbing, especially since it’s not the culprits who will pay the price.

  3. I hadn’t planned on commenting on this episode but since the above commenter already said what I was thinking, I’ll add my two cents. I too found your gloating and glee over the collapse of the Wall Streek to be rather disturbing and unusually heartless…even coming from a mean, bloated lesbian such as yourself. The rich will NOT suffer as much as the poor or middle class will should we enter a new Depression. Sure, some will lose their fortunes, but most have their money tucked away very safely, probably out of the US, and will only be affected in a minor way. They can afford people to advise them in these money matters after all. We can’t.

    Although I disagree with everything the govt is doing to put a band-aid over this mess, I can only hold on to my hope that things don’t worsen. My partner was laid off from his job in a specialized field 2 years ago and has yet to find new, full time employment thanks to the lousy economy…nobody is hiring. We have have four kids to feed and took such a sizable loss to our income that we had to move. If things get any worse, our next move will be to a cardboard box. How is it fair or funny that we should suffer because of the greed of an elite group of pigs? How is it fair or funny that my kids will go hungry should things collapse and I lose my job which is a distinct possibility as we have already had across-the-board hours cut? Sorry, but we all can’t afford to invest in gold when we are living paycheck to paycheck as it is.

    Go ahead and celebrate over Vera planning to vote but don’t gloat over the misfortune and suffering of others just because your ducks are all in a row and you were “right all along”. The fact is that I’ve been in almost total agreeance with you (and Max) but simply couldn’t afford to do much of anything about it. Sucks to be me I guess. Nonetheless, I still loves your stanky lyps Madge.

  4. Madge, I have to agree with La Pequeña Retard and pinot seether – I don’t think a total collapse of the economy would be good for any of us. True that it would be like “shaking out the carpet and dispelling some dirt”, I doubt that we’d ever get it fully clean; people would simply suffer needlessly along the way.

    We should all be concerned about the seemingly carefree affect in which our elected leaders are approaching what may eventually turn into a $1 trillion dollar bailout of a bunch of criminals. These people aren’t idiots, yet they masterminded a scheme to shuffle risky paper around and generate huge profits. Now that the paper is worthless, they are scrambling for an antidote for the poison they have swallowed.

    I’m annoyed at our government, because people like Ben Bernake and his predecessor Alan Greenspan are the very people who should have been on top of the industry to prevent a calamity of this nature.

    If the return to feudalism started with the takeover of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, it seems as if the plan is moving forward with the Feds about to buy up a lot more of these worthless mortgage-backed securities.

    The female host (forgot her name, sorry) with Max on Karmabanque Radio, but it succinctly when she asked how “Joe Bag of Donuts was allowed to get a loan in the first place”. We really need to ask those questions and try to figure out how the regulators were asleep at the wheel while all of this shit was churned in the bowels of America.

    Luv Ya, Honaye!
    Veritable Virgo

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