YR849 Be Nice To Mary Makatukulu

A Doozy of a Helen Gurley Brown clip turday.

Me angry.

Duh election wake-up call AGAIN!


Thanks for the $!

14 thoughts on “YR849 Be Nice To Mary Makatukulu”

  1. Madge, I love your lyups but I have to disagree with them here. I think that bitch’s religion IS completely fair game for discussion and scrutiny since it was the Republicunts that dragged religion into the government and crammed it down all of our throats. We are supposed to have a seperation of church and state in this fucked up country but it is her party that is attempting to erase that line and she is at the forefront of the brigade to do so. Why on earth wouldn’t we want to talk about that? If anything, it is a logical lead-in to a discussion about her lack of decent education…just the fact that she wants to base her goals and ideals in unproven fairy tales is evidence of that! Sorry Madge, but people need to be educated to the fact that this lesbian-hating cunt is nothing more than a religious fundamentalist EXTREMIST who relishes the opportunity to legislate the manner in which we must all live our own lives based on HER beliefs…whether we agree or not. All of this information about her extremism coming to light is clearly not what Rove bargained on as now this woman won’t even take reporters questions and merely sticks to her scripts during the few public appearances she’s made. The Republicunts want to keep the lid on all of this, I say it should be blown off. Bush was a phoney Christian who only pandered to the rightwing wackos, frighteningly, this bitch is the real thing.

    1. People (or some similar magazine) named her #1 new celebrity. That means she will get more air time than ANY other P or VP candidate. That is Rove’s genius: more air time for Mary Makutukulu.

      1. the far right vote for religion, not education. this is all playing out exactly like the last two elections.

        are we going to take this a 3rd time?

        she’s going to be a breath away from the presidency – her religion is most certainly NOT off limits. i want to know everything about her beliefs, since that’s what drives her policy.

        the more exposure she has on people magazine, the more extremism is revealed.

        ignoring this is a huge mistake. hello president mccain.

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