YR844 A Yeast Video Special: Re-cession Speech

This is my follow-up to my manifesto,  which became the impetus for the current incarnation of Yeast Radio. This is unedited and therefore quite boring. A youtube-able version will appear on insanefilms.com shortly.

The best part is towards the end, so if you get bored, skip to me screaming (like at around 22:00 or so).

23 thoughts on “YR844 A Yeast Video Special: Re-cession Speech”

  1. Good to see you getting excited again Madge. Maybe Trotsky should wipe his butt on your clothes more often!

    So I’m going. I’m doing. I’m voting for Obama. Can we eat now?

  2. There are several valid reasons to have reservations about Obama. There are also millions of overriding reasons to vote for him.

    I’m one of those reasons, you are one of those reasons, my niece who deserves health insurance is one of those reasons, a man trying to live his life in Iraq is one of those reasons. Millions and millions of reasons, each of which will be negatively affected if John McCain is elected president.

    I see a lot of people talk negatively about Obama, but they don’t talk about things that matter. It’s not FISA they complain about, or his stand on Gay Marriage. It’s not energy policy. It’s because he’s not Hillary Clinton. Or it’s because he’s Black. Or because they think he may be a Muslim. Or because he “won’t salute the flag” or some other nonsensical right wing insanity. I’ve said my peace on the issues where Obama and I disagree, but I know I have to vote for him, because there are millions of people who are counting on me to do so.

    I once got in trouble for making blanket statements about voting for a candidate equaling a vote against oneself. However, I think it’s very safe to say that a vote for John McCain is a vote against millions and millions of people in our cities, states, our country, and even the world. These people are relying on us to make the right choice. John McCain or Cynthia McKinney is not that choice.

  3. NRA member, 1984 Miss Alaska runner-up contestant and youngest-ever Governor of Alaska to be McCain’s running mate!

    What is that old fuck up to?

  4. I love you Madge (Except when you yell at Trotsky so much that you glisten and lose your thoughts. He seems like such a nice young man).

    You were delightful on ETHS this week and I’m enjoying your mash-ups more and more. When I have some of the free times I want to sew you a tent dress.

  5. Great show Madge, tell the two Veras to get fucked. =o) Enjoyed the political insight, and the video broadcast very much. I also enjoy ETHS. Have an adequate weekend.

  6. I didn’t realize you were doing this anymore.
    I hope you do more live video shows.

    I’ll probably vote for Obama, for some of the reasons you listed, but I’m don’t have much enthusiasm for him. I will agree with one point he made: that it is up to all of us to get things accomplished in this nation. It’s clear that outside of a tiny minority, no one in Democratic Party is going to do or say anything that actually approaches solving any of the real problems in this country.

    One area in specific – Obama is a fervent devotee of the Globalization/Free Trade/Anti-Worker Religion. So be it.

    It’s going to have to be my generation, and the ones that follow, that simply ignore that Free Market/Outsourcing Bullshit and start companies and factories and farms and media and everything else ourselves and do it without their rancid cancer system. Every other issue is a luxury that people without decent, secure jobs, wages, and healthcare, cannot afford to waste time on.

    What Obama might do – maybe – is prevent us from getting into World War 3. McCain seems intent on making that happen minutes into his presidency.

    I don’t see why you have to not support Cindy Sheehan against Pelosi. It’s seems pretty safe either way.

  7. I’m so glad about this. Although I don’t have a vote, I probably care more about this election than any that would be held in the UK, because the implications will affect the whole world. Can’t have another Republican madman in the White House holding the world’s biggest gun. Not to mention the economy (stupid).

  8. John McCain, a 72 year old four time cancer survivor, selects unknown former beauty queen and journalism major for his running mate.

    America is now officially a joke of a nation.

    Driven out of spite for ‘femi-nazis’ , the so-called red states gave us eight years of Bush. Now, apparently, out of spite for a black man going before the white woman, a bunch of so-called blue state women are going to, out of spite give us another four years on the gas pedal into the trash bin of history?

    What a joke of a nation.

    Any candidate that emerges with even half a brain cell is called elitist. And apparently the population, or at least tens of millions of them, take this as a serious reason to vote against a candidate, for they do not want the best person to be president. They want someone who is a reflection of their own under-educated, obese, moronic selves. The very opposite of what a group interested in survival does.

    Well, this is the natural progression of what Karl Rove and his ilk have wrought upon the nation. It’s funny that a lot of alleged Hillary supporters call Obama ‘inadequate.’ I know it’s code for ‘black,’ but in truth Americans are seemingly caught in a spiral of continuously voting for the most inadequate of candidates. The dumber and more like them the candidates are, the more likely they are to get into office. So as America chooses dumber and dumber Presidents, they grow dumber and fatter and unhealthier as a nation and then vote for a more and more moronic leader. All thanks to the popular dumb vote.

    McCain selecting Palin. He might as well have lighted one of his farts for all of its seriousness. But, of course, had he lighted his fart, tens of millions of Americans would have seen him as being even more ‘just like one of them.’ McCain would win in a landslide if he had, in fact, lighted his own fart.

    Palin is the natural progression of this notion that the president you choose is the one with whom you could have a beer.

    Not one opinion paper. Not one time has she had her ideas (whatever they may be) challenged in the public arena. Not one time has she had to articulate her views on where we go as a nation. Because as I said above, it is not a nation that cares about survival anymore.

    Idiocracy was one of the most prescient films of the past few decades. Beavis and Butthead would truly be viable candidates in reality, not just in the movies.

    What a joke of a nation.

    You are like those chickens they want to breed with no brains.

    Take heart however that every single empire has done the same exact thing. Not one has escaped the same fate of evangelical like decline into religious fanaticism and obese citizenry wallowing in faeces and stupidity. The Brits, the Spanish, the Dutch and the Romans did the same.

    They all cut off their noses to spite their face.

    What a joke of a nation.

    I live in France and it is funny the dramatically opposite way the population is. Ignorance and obesity are not a source of pride. The population vocally demands that their own democratically elected leaders are actually better, smarter and wiser than they themselves are. The President must not talk in slang or the language of the common man. He or she must be seen as serious. He or she must be intelligent and articulate.

    Thanks, Madge, for doing what you can to stop the very, very bad joke.

    Finally, I leave with a link to this good blog on the Palin choice:


  9. Madge I commend you for devoting the next two months to this campaign. This is so important for our country. While I think both parties are full of shit, I realize we cant have another republican in the white house for another term. This is so important and I am behind you 100%. BUT I also think its terrible that Auntie Vera doesnt vote. I hope you convince her that she and gooch must vote in the next election.

  10. madge to trotsky: “go lay down now! i’m bigger than you!” kind of sums up american foreign policy over the last eight years…

    seriously though, i’m with you, my sister! i was on fire after that speech. let’s get him elected, then hold him to his word.

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