YR845 And the meteoroid is a stone that’s devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee.

Deconstruction of the Rovian McBloat candidacy move. Please listen and comment! It’s important.

Vice PResidential Candiate Sara Palin Sarah Palin Sara Paylin palin

YR844 A Yeast Video Special: Re-cession Speech

This is my follow-up to my manifesto,  which became the impetus for the current incarnation of Yeast Radio. This is unedited and therefore quite boring. A youtube-able version will appear on insanefilms.com shortly.

The best part is towards the end, so if you get bored, skip to me screaming (like at around 22:00 or so).

YR842 How Do You Get a Postal Worker to Say “LYPS?”

Madge leaves the house for once and talks abouts:
iphone traitors
trader joes
getting postal workers to say “LYPS”
Mt. Lesbian cruising
Mariachis in the park
Joanna Newsom LIVE!!!!
Hot menz running on your face.

Listenturd note: The Joanna Newsom story is difficult to listen to because of the wind noise but you must hear it anyway. Sorry.

YR841 Plain Girl Power

Alive in Bhagdad’s Bhagdad Brian IMPRISONED

…with Helen Gurley-Brown telling ugly girls how to get laid.

YR839 Cheryl and Self-Sucking/Lapseing

Cheryl: A tanner, uglier woman, there has never been.

Also more Helen Gurley-Brown idiocy.

Retarded Hearst Publications Board Member HGB


Bicyclemark is my guest.
More of Helen Gurley-Brown’s pro-rape soliloquies.