29 thoughts on “YR828 Pop Culture as a Grass Roots Jamming Mechanism”

  1. Madge, this kind of show is exactly the reason I first fell in love with your stinking, yeasty lyps! This is why I direct people to your pogrum. Even when you think you can’t find the words, I think you still say it better than I can because I feel the exact same way. One of the things I can’t for the life of me figure out is when this all collapses and the idiot blind American consumers don’t have the money to spend on frivolous shit, and it WILL collapse, how does corporate America think they will continue this cycle of rape that they have perpetrated on an ignorant public? Something is very wrong in the world when heating your home becomes a luxury item…and yet nobody is talking about it. You have to have it in cold climates so tough shit, you just pay for it…thank you and give us more money, suckers. The price keeps skyrocketing…never mind that there is NO SHORTAGE of natural gas (primary heat source for this area). It is rape and greed, pure and simple. Madge, your outrage sparks the same feelings in me. And that is good.

    Not sure why my name was ejaculated from your lyps midway through but blass you for it.

  2. i like this show although have yet to hear it.i WILL download and listen at work and then enter my thoughts in this space at a later date. keep up the good work. roger xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      1. suck it, i tried and the thing is retarted. it didnt work. i’m stupid like the Vera with computers.

  3. At the home the other day some bitch volunteer (from Harvard, no less–probably just there to pad her med-school application) told me about her damn friends waiting in line for 3 days to get a damn iPhone 3G. I said, “Those self-indulgent, myopic bitches would not be my ‘friends,’ and you should be embarrassed to call them that.” There’s an energy crises, a housing crisis, two damn wars, Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae (two dear friends)… Anyway, I would have beaten her retarded, but someone had put pop-tart halves in my hands!

  4. You said many of the major news outlets are owned by defense contractors. Besides GE’s ownership of NBC, who else?

    1. It’s complicated. GE is the obvious example, but GE owns a lot more media than just NBC. Other companies have huge influences from defense contractors. For example one of Viacom’s board members was on the board of Haliburton. Many of the stations/companies owned by GE are co-owned by Hearst, Disney and the others.

      All of the big ten media companies (AFAIK) are publicly held. Look at the boards of the big 10 media companies and examine their other corporate interests.

      I’ll get more info for you on this though.

  5. “You hip to the tip?”

    An angry Madge is a good Madge. America has created a reality outside of the actual reality, where brangelina matters and starving Blackwater-orphaned limbless Iraqi children don’t. Sad.

  6. I agree with everyone’s enthusiastic comments about this show. Madge, you may think you’re preaching to the choir and I’m quite switched on to things, but when you talk about political/world issues like this I always find it thought provoking and often inspirational. Even if stuff doesn’t directly affect me, it’s still far more relevant to me than celebrity brats and certain phones.

  7. Great show, Madge. Really great. I really loved hearing your anger. You’re completely right. Nothing will ever change without grassroots efforts. If we could just get these idiots to shut the fuck up about pop culture. So disgusting.

    I know I’ve said this in the past but I’ll say it again. I get sick of seeing people glued to “Entertainment Tonight” and considering that their evening news. So disgusting.


    madge, i would like to suck your lesbian penis. please let me know how this can be arranged.

    1. “Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed (nickname issue)”

      I refuse to get a gravatar, because i would have to change my name from

      PattyCake, The Baker’s Man


      pattycake the bakers man

      I refuse.

  9. Just a suggestion – If someone thinks “grassroots” sounds too complicated, get on a email list for your local activist network and pick an event to participate in. Just make a sign and show up. For me in San Diego it’s picketing against Blackwater, where they have established a “training” facility within blocks of the U.S./Mexico border. This is very dangerous. The media have always shown up to the events I’ve been to. One thing I learned is have some talking points ready in case you get interviewed. One person had them written on the back of her sign. I got my picture saying “No Baghdad by the Border” on the cover of a local Spanish language newspaper, my point being that the sign got published and was in newspaper vending machines all over San Diego. Little things do count sometimes (mostly).

  10. Excellent reminder how the useless topics of the day distract us from the major issues in the world. I tried for the longest time not to read about the Pitt-Jolie twins and read the BBC online about the Tour de France instead.

  11. (gravatar coming soon)

    i really liked this.

    we are all insane and deserve to get fucked by the corporations.

    no, flashing a sign on the streets alone doesnt help shit. it just helps feed the machine. makes us feel good. “wow, i demonstrated against Bush on the streets today”. big kudos, yay, indeed.

    it just means more business as usual for them.

    yes, please, give more specifics of who owns what in the U.S. media

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