4 thoughts on “YR802 Chinamerica Thug Governement”

  1. Madge i love ya and your big boobies butt.
    You called me out during the podcast, i was too mesmerized by your beauty to type coherently.

    We have our own problems and they are monumental. Barking about China, or Russia or Japan or Iraq or Iran or North Korea is like the shit maker complaining about the smell.
    We put these asshats into office and they are the ones steering the boat over here. As far as China goes, Yeah its f’cked how they are suppressing the buddasits or napal or whatever is going on over there. I guess China killed some buddasist. That is bad.

    Soon the Chinese will become the New Pinko Commies and the word “terrorist” will have no meaning.
    Reminds me of all the fear over the West Nile virus or SARS or Mad Cow disease. Why focus on the gnat when your anus is bleeding buckets. To quote someone.. you are more likely to die from drowning in the toilet than being killed by a terrorist.
    Let china and the monks figure things out on their own.
    Dont know how many buddaist were killed or locked up for life but im sure there is much worse going on on planet earth. Much much worse. Stuff you or i will not read about for another 5, 10 years.

    If the olympics were held in the US this year i would think the same protests would be occurring. I know your well aware of the mess were in over here.

    You hate Amy Winehouse, you freak out over China. China is Amy. Iran is Paris Hilton, North Korea is Brad Pitt. Distraction.

    Im running out a parallels. This ship is sinking and were still pointing at the fireworks saying WOW, Oooooo, Ahhhh, Oh, that one sucked.
    Things are falling off the shelves.
    The sirens are blaring.
    The ship is taking on water.
    Were watching TV and complaining about a country on the other side of the country as we grab onto a chair (made in china), talking on a cell phone (made in China) as we hold our breath and sink wearing a shirt, shoes, socks, pants, belt (made in china).

    Was it their fault? Did they kill more innocent people than we did?

  2. @Bob Dole Paris Hilton doesn’t remove organs from live prisoners of conscience and sell them to fat Americans. Neither does Brad Pitt.

    Most people have brains capable of comprehending human rights abuses all over the world.

    One planet. I complain about things everywhere . Deal.

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