9 thoughts on “YR800 Total Economic Prolapse”

  1. Happy 800 years honaye!

    I thought PizzaBabe was in town on Friday morning here in Indiana!

    Then I turned on WTHR and saw there was a 5.4 earthquake!

    My mistake!

  2. I think the US is having its ‘Suez moment’. Just as in the case of Britain and France, the Suez war was won but the world had moved on and political and economic reality came crashing down.

    The US wont no longer be able to do what it wants but because of all the ‘US is the greatest nations int he world EVER’ propaganda, it will take a long time for some people to realise this. It took the UK at least 25 years…..though it took the French about 6 months!

  3. Nowadays I just, literally, laugh out loud every time I hear that propaganda EvilEuropean is talking about.

    “Highest living standard in the world”?

    Tent City, CA? Or maybe Third World Country-esque tent hospital project in Tennessee? Or, the fact that about 9% of USA is on government cheese?

    But, hey, bet New Orleans is so fresh and so clean now?
    Right, FEMA?

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