YR367 Roll Roll Roll Your Bloat

Cheryl tried to get away but I caught the whore.

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Back home in Shit Taco.

ABC’s Meet the Press podcast: Sister Joan Chittister speaks on politics and spirituality. Link to transcript.

I appeared on the Playboy Channel’s Afternoon Delight Show on Sirius. I offered help to a father dying of cancer. Also, it’s nice to hear someone else talk about pussy eating.

I used the donkey dick on this episode. Thoughts?

Tony from Podcast PSA on Skype.

Wanda Wisdumb joins us.

Cheryl finishes her gangbang session and gets on the Skype.

Trotsky will be losing his testicliticles soon.

Mikeypod also joins.

Santorum and Gabriel, his fetus is in heaven.

Wanda inspired crazy whore Karla from Rumor Girls.

Wanda’s birthday is coming up. Buy her cookies. Or some of this shit. But she really wants cookies.

Rachel Kann is like Arbie’s.

Frances Gum podcast.

Hate speech on Adam Curry’s show.

What happened to this week’s installment of Eat This Hot Show?

I know who I personally want to take the last spot on Eat This Hot Show.

Cheryl has naked pictures of Ragan Fox. She also recently did an intro for The Distorted View Show.

Subscribe to Cheryl’s podcast on iTunes.

I recommended Podcast PSA to some people at the stupid Q Me Expo, where stood me up.

Again, the Q Me Expo sucked.

Wanda and Tony drool over PNS Noah.

9 thoughts on “YR367 Roll Roll Roll Your Bloat”

  1. Madge, the Donkey Dick sounded great today. What ever the settings were sounded big and noticeable — even before you mentioned it.

    Also, thank you (all the ladies) for the nice words. Y’all make me feel special.

    Cheryl, if you make a poop cast like Madge did I’ll see if my son will talk about that while he makes brown poop. If nothing else, I’ll think of you while I make brown poop. Does that help you honeaaaay?

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  3. Cheryl is TOTALLY into scat…! Yes! Yes! She makes excremental noises all the time. Like a mustard jar with lots of air in it, honaaaaayyy…

    Does Wanda allow her into the house?? Christ, I hope she uses those toilet seat protectors, like Iola made once on “Mama’s Family.”

  4. I’ve listened to a few episodes of the Frances Gumm Cast now – I haven’t had time to listen to them all even though they’re relativatly short – and I agree that she’d be a great guest host on ETHS. I hope that can be arranged.

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