From Seyd: Gay Iranian Teenagers Hanged

seyd Gay Iranian Teenagers Hanged

I just heard in the news about these two gay teenagers being hanged in public in city of Mashad, one of the northern cities in Iran. Apparently one of the guys was not even 18 years old. According to the article, they spent 14 months in prison and recieved many lashes. They had shown remorse for their action and had no idea getting engaged in homosexual acts will result in death!

UPDATE: I’m not sure what the real story is here According to this story, the men were actually hanged for raping a 13 year old boy. Can anyone read farsi and provide more information?

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  1. it’s all too unbelievable. even raping a 13 yo is no reason for this. i will tend to believe that this is correct on it’s own and the raping a 13 yo is conjecture. either way it is heartbreaking.

  2. A heartbreaking scene. But sadly this world has a long history of such acts. Please ask yourself: Do you get this sad when someone in Texas is executed? Do you get this angry when someone in your hometown is getting beat up for being queer? Would you be this sad if these boys were hung for being Christians, Jews, or…?

    Does your sadness fuel you to do anything about it?

    If not, you may need to re-examine your own judgement, prejudices and vomit.

  3. I think that often such ‘rape’ charges are made up to stop any international outcry at the execution of homosexuals. This truly is very sad.

  4. If this story is true it it is a heartbreaking event, and I tend to agree with Gareth that the “rape” charges seem to be dreampt up afterwards to justify such indefensible actions. Sick.

  5. Really terrible.

    Now I read a article on the german news portal “Spiegel Online” (good reputation) that the police in some states in Germany register if you are homosexual. This category is call *omosex* and everybody who has to do with the polices gets involved (crimial, victim, witnesses) and their meeting places are classified as potential crime scenes.

    Some really scary things are going on.


  6. Outrage! UK believe that the rape charges are a facade, and they are in fact being punished for having sex.

    They were imprisoned for a good while and tortued until admiting the rape.

    They were sobbing as they were interviewed by the state media in a lorry on their way to their deaths.

    1. Btw, to play the clip, you’ll need to delete and re-add the ‘x’ in 480×360 once it opens in a new browser, for the page to display. There seems to be some kind of formatting problem here.

  7. Oh yeah, gotta love the “peaceful” Islamic ppl. Lots of peace and love in the hearts. Whoops, it’s only in the “radical islam” that these hangings happen…whoops, moderate muslims are not allowed to speak out against other muslims, for fear of getting executed. Sounds a LOT like Catholics during the Crusades..but, ummm, they finally realized that you cannot convert ppl at the point of a sword. The word was called “Reformation”. When Islam has a Reformation, I will listen.

  8. @SD Mark:
    You are mixing up some things. Catholics did not have Reformation – by the acts of Martin Lutter (anti-semitic bastard, BTW), the Protestant church was founded. Catholics are still unreformed.
    When I was in the US for a year, my roommate had a shirt called “Religions of the World” – all explained in connection with Shit Happens. Catholics say “If shit happens, you deserve it”, and protestants think “Shit won’t happen if I work harder!”. I learned 2 things out of this shirt: a) some of these definitions were astoundingly precise, and b) religions are mostly full of shit.
    The (Nu-)pope still rages against gay people, calling homosexuality a disease and a perversion, opposes contraception and abortion. My guess is, under more martial citcumstances, and if it wouldn’t be such a PR loss, the Catholic church would support such hangings.
    Every fucking religion has these little parts where they keep you at bay, keep you calm, and if you follow the rules and rituals, the next life after this miserable, painful and unfair every-day barely-existence will be bliss. So they literally preach obedience. Maybe one should be thankful to this one aspect of the NeonCunts: They ended the lie of separation of church and state. Church is a way of oppression, just like police, only more prevention, less force.

  9. It is painfull to see that pcture. How can you hang a teenager for having sex?
    I believe the religious people (not only muslims, christians too) have to really re-think life…

  10. I’m from Iran, I live in Tehran, and those boys from the northeast part of the country. I have read many many articles about them in english and farsi. they all say what the officials have “told” us. bottom line is the government is extremely homophobic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were tortured and made to confess they had raped a boy…so that there wouldn’t be an uprising anywhere…very sad…fortunately the city I live in, ppl are more careful.

  11. Even though I was “conditioned” (AFS exchange to France just weeks after the Iranian Hostage crisis) I remember all the wonderful things that the experience taught to me. First off, I remember all the wonderful Iranians that I met that were exhiled to France. I wonder how they feel NOW, with all the violence that has been expressed. I was there during a wonderful time. 1983-era

  12. what if that 13 year old boy was your son, what would you want? im defitnley not saying its right, but would you want someone who raped your child dead or still living breathing air of which he stole from your child and the pain the have caused them. just think that boy is thirteen, he will never be young again every morning he rises he would feel crushed knowing he has to face naother day of being judeged about what has happend to him, every night he will have to sleep with the image of two men raping him.
    really, what would you want if you were that boy?

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