YR1215 Blendtec, Vitamix, and Chlyups

Cheryl Merkowski and then Ragan Fox join Mayudge for a rap session. No calls, just us GARLS.
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yr1215web blendtec vitamix

YR1209 Virtual Rape Starring Ben Affleck Full Frontal Sony Pictures Slim Jegging

We have a nice grum for you here. Some nice calls and some BEN AFFLECK FULL FRONTAL.
yr1209web ben affleck full frontal
Show Notes:
ma petite
Aborting skin tag babies
china songs
slim jiggings
week long chokkn cruise
panty party
square heyudd next time in album ork also deurr smayuull
vegan camp camp
ben affleck full frontal
bill cosby rape
“you have no life have a good night”
panty odor from yoga at the coc0d0rm

YR1207 Jello Pudding Rape is the new Travon Martin Shooting

my names jasmine i am alladin
Hi, Honey. This is a good grum with the three GIRLZ. You will enjoy.
Show Notes:
Sometimes, in this cruelly unpredictable and harshly lonely society we all share, we find a rare friendship that transcends all other bonds in our lives. So is the fortune that blesses Patti and her chosen companions, Madge, Cheryl and Debra.

Already running late for their intimate dinner soirée with Bill Cosby, Patti finds the girls having an impromptu dance off to
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She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.