YR1201 Apple Watch Trout-Filled Waterbed

A wildly different Yeast Radio Group Grum (not really) as Debra, Cheryl, and I make some nice girl talk followed by calls to our usual “friends” and some new ones! Hint: Apple Watch. Hint: Trout. Hint: FEEESH
yeast radio 1201 with madge weinstein cheryl merkowski debra wilkerson

Today finds Madge, Cheryl and Debra on a mini-vacay heading to the apple event with tickets provided in an elegant and foreboding invitation. Failing to get a room at The Peabody which was filled due Cindy McVain’s personal obsession with sexually charged swirls of corkscrew shaped duck penises, they find all the other hotels packed to bursting with rotund, nerdy types who’s social skills barely rival those of Nell played by Jody Foster.
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She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.