YR1277 BANNED from State to State!

YR 01162016
This evening’s grum begins with Madge and Cheryl perusing a new Simply Fayutt video recipe by our favorite Golden Circle member, Matt Peters. Matt cooks up a mess-a-somethin’ that steams up our appetite…between breaths.
Rob Pickle joins the call as Madge plays a lovely Justin Bieber cover by “Fat Ugly Chick.” He hopes to get famous for his helpful tech support. Madge discusses seeing a new “pickle” of her own. Jealous?
Dirty Kitchen with Retarded Rob (Pickle) makes his video debut with a new parody of a Simply Sara recipe. Madge gives helpful critiques for future episodes.
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YR1276 I don’t have a hot tub.

Lots of fun in this hot grum!
Madge and Cheryl begin tonight’s grum by eavesdropping on Madge’s neighbors. Debra joins shortly to complete the triangle of snoopers. Madge begs Debra for a link to her previous revelation of the most amazing poop audio she’s ever heard while she simultaneously berates Ragan in his failed attempts to share with her.
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YR: Debatin’ with the GARLZ 01.17.2016 Democratic Debate COVERAGE

Debra and Madge take you on another debate journey.
Show Notes:
YR 01172016 Democratic Presidential Debate
Tonight’s special grum covering the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate opens with a lonely Madge carrying the show all on her own as Debra is a bit slow making it home from the School For Girls.
Madge and Debra discuss the crotchety poise of Bernie Sanders as Debra makes her way home to her closet podcasting studio for a better quality connection. The discussion turns to the most recent Republican debate where Ben Carson talks of EMPs and hackers.
Health care takes a front seat in the conversation as the candidates and the gurlz discuss the differences between Bernie’s plan to wipe the slate clean and start over which will be much harder than Hillary’s approach to do what is possible now.
Memorable Quotes:
I wouldn’t mind having a fappable president.
Let me talk about Poles.
Donations! Donations! Donations! 
Why didn’t anybody tell Bernie to shave his nose?
Oh my God. Now I’m just disgusted.
How do I turn off Hillary?
You look like the old guy who steals cookies at a Bar Mitzvah.
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YR1274 UnVooft

Solo grum. Lots of fun. Stacy Chlyups.

yr1274 unvooft

Some memorable deek quotes from Madge’s solo grum UnVooft:
I think I see Jesus in Toby’s penis
Edelweiss is German for ginger deek
I menvision stuff, that means I visualize y’all

– Thursdee Leen
It’s a beautiful beef cream colour
The one on the left is Rachel Kanns deek
This is like miss America but with deek
On miss America they have to perform, except your dick has to fuck Reagan in the ass.
Put a lemon on that deek
I think leprechauns originated from gingers penises
I can’t find ting tings deek now!
Purple Nurple

She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.