YR1292 It’s Hard to Think of Titles when Show Notes Natalie is on Strike

A grum I have no idea what happened here but it was me cheryl and debra. eat me.


YR1291 The Return of the State Booklet Lady

Debra and later, Amy join Madge for fun and phone abuse.


YR1290 Restless Leg Syndrome is the same thing Michael J. Fox had…until he came out as having percocet.

I’m fat


Show Notes:

The show begins with no notice for Show-Notes Natalie, who hasn’t eaten in two whole hours. Realizing Madge is cycling an old video for many, many hours, Show-Notes Natalie left to cook and eat again. So show notes are a bit sparse tonight. *Stuffs face with chickens from under the bed.* Continue reading

YR1289 A Nice Grum

In this pleasant grum, Debra and Madge talk girly and then talk to a nice girl from YouTubes.

And God said, “Let there be fayutt!” And there was fayutt. And God saw the fayutt, that it was yuge: And God divided the fayutt from the anorexic. And God called the fayutt “Dolphin Head.”  ~Obeesius 1:3


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YR 1288 om

No reason for the title. Cheryl and Madge carry on a  bit. Girdle.


YR1287 Are you talking about the dolphin head?


Debra and Mayudge have fun.

Show Notes

Tonight’s grum opens as Debra stuffs spatchcocked roasted chicken into her whorehole and Madge discusses her dog sitter. Debra apologizes for her mean-girl escapade on her last grum. Cher, religious freedom bills and coffee flavorings make the topic board as Madge deep-throats a banana in the background.

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YR1286 Easter Grum

Hi. Here is a pop-up grum recorded on easter with madge and debra.

easter grum

Show Notes:

Tonight’s surprise grum begins with Madge and Debra catching up on old times and praising Jesus. Unfortunately, Cheryl has to take care of a pop-up prolapse issue and can’t join the gurlz. Chickens under da beyud!

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YR1285 Popup Lapse

Rylch and Madge had a brief popup grum.


YR1284 Miss Tracey Guess What?

Miss, Tracey, GUESS WHAT? Popup Grum.. just a mess.


YR1283 Chickens Under the Beyudd?

Alright, bay-beh! Good one.


She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.