YR 1288 om

No reason for the title. Cheryl and Madge carry on a  bit. Girdle.


YR1287 Are you talking about the dolphin head?


Debra and Mayudge have fun.

Show Notes

Tonight’s grum opens as Debra stuffs spatchcocked roasted chicken into her whorehole and Madge discusses her dog sitter. Debra apologizes for her mean-girl escapade on her last grum. Cher, religious freedom bills and coffee flavorings make the topic board as Madge deep-throats a banana in the background.

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YR1286 Easter Grum

Hi. Here is a pop-up grum recorded on easter with madge and debra.

easter grum

Show Notes:

Tonight’s surprise grum begins with Madge and Debra catching up on old times and praising Jesus. Unfortunately, Cheryl has to take care of a pop-up prolapse issue and can’t join the gurlz. Chickens under da beyud!

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YR1285 Popup Lapse

Rylch and Madge had a brief popup grum.


YR1284 Miss Tracey Guess What?

Miss, Tracey, GUESS WHAT? Popup Grum.. just a mess.


YR1283 Chickens Under the Beyudd?

Alright, bay-beh! Good one.


YR1282 Do they charge extra for the doody?

Lots of fun in this grum including nice calls to the laundry and the car warranty ripoff place, hun.


YR1281 Shine Bright Like I Was Played With


recorder lesbian yeast radioTonight’s musical introduction gives us a glimpse of Thursday Lane’s newest rant artistically fused with a beautiful rendition of Diamonds in the background. Thursday spreads the love AND the spit with the Yeast Radio audience. Continue reading

YR1280 See?

Solo grum. Nutty. See?
album posework

YR1279 Yoga Sk00l with the GIRLZ

Madge and Cheryl surprise a bitch with an early grum today by opening with a lovely video from our old favorite, Thursday Lane, and his new chicken cream.
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She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.