YR1226 Lady Bunny and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Lady Bunny and I had a nice long chat about a very important topic that nobody seems to give a shit about. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is something you need to know about. Please listen and please continue to educate and give a shit about the world you live in.

“You’re in this world, you know.”
– Big Edie

yr1226web lady bunny and the the trans pacific partnership or TPP with Madge weinstein on yeast radio

YR1220 SemiSolo Grum with Cleaning, Blending, Bicyclemark, and Griselda

Lots of olde fashioned yeasty gum fun up in here as I clean my dirty kitchen,complain about healthcare, and I talk to OLD friend bicyclemark and Grizelda talks about Woodystalking and more. Run-on. big wheel keep on turnin’.

yr1120 yeast radio

She is like the fat one in Dreamgirls.